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17 April 1954
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Hi, I'm Marie. Happily married. mother of two. Christian. Fiftysomething. Loves to read mostly historical fiction and Nicholas Sparks books. Favorite book is Nights In Rodanthe. I felt that I could be that woman. I pretended that I was.N.S. books do that to me. It was nice. Until the end. Very sad. I once again began to appreciate my own marriage to the same man for now twenty-four years. Looking for new friends in North Carolina. We're moving there very soon. Can't wait, but leaving so many wonderful friends behind. I will need some help from new friends to not be sorry. My bigest fear is regret. Moving is what I want to do, but feel a little guilty in leaving so much behind. Anyway, I'm really a very fun person and very spontanious. I love music and enjoy singing. A big fan of Motown Music, especially the Supremes. I know all of the songs. I really blare the songs in my car. I do my best singing when I am alone in the car. You might see me one day at a red light singing away.Smile. I am in love with my husband. I am a fair wife, I could do more. We both could do more. We're trying. Sometimes, I feel that we are not friends. Then, I look at him and myself in the mirror, and know that we truely are. It's comforting. I love my children and give a lot of myself to them. I homeschooled them both. I can't remember feeling appreciated, but I know that will come when they are older. I am learning to make time for myself and to make things happen in my life today. I don't want to wait anymore and just let them happen. Life is too short. We are supposed to be busy. Most of all, I love Jesus. I love my God for sending His Son to this wretched place to meet with us. I know, (as much as I am able)just what He has done for me. I appreciate it and tell Him everyday. I want God to be happy that He made me and saved me. I believe that I know the answer to the question, Why are we here? I don't have all of the answers, but I am open to His correction. I can't wait to see Jesus one day. Maybe then, He'll tell me if I was right. Marie